"Jack my 10-year-old lab/shepherd mix, who has been depressed after losing his dog-buddy, Pierre] was bionic after last week's session–really energized–it obviously helped him a lot. The ZigZag TTouch is great--it's like a key that allows automatic entry."

T. McDonnell,Pet Owner

"Hi Mary & Peggy, last night was a truly amazing and moving experience for me, and I am so grateful to you for helping Sparkle.  It was great to see her more relaxed, and I couldn't believe how far she came in such a short period of time.  As for Sparkle's [budding URI], I think the TTouch healed her !!"

V. Higgins, Cat owner and rescuer

"These TTouch sessions help me as much as the poochies! I was really stressed out, with everything going …; after the TTouch session with you two folks and Jacques, I felt so much calmer! I am very grateful for all that you two gals did, to help both Jacques and me. I know that he loved his TTouch sessions with you and for that matter, so did Rosie!"

"Re Rosie: I had her on the kitchen table, working out some of her mats and tangles, and interspersed the de-matting with a few TTouches here and there. It made for a much more pleasant and relaxing experience for both Rosie and me! And Rosie and I will ask you to come back, and help us with TTouch sessions, for groundwork, etc. I plan to buy some jumps and a short tunnel for Rosie, to use outside."

G. Ruppel, Dog Owner

"My dog is so much calmer and happier since her TTouch sessions. She also is walking so much better with the equipment you provided. I am really pleased with the results."

S.Acoulon, Pet owner

"I have had multiple people comment on Wriggley's progress in terms of learning his limits and being a 'whole new dog'!! And other tenants in the weekly dog group have noticed marked improvement in his personality and they barely recognize him as the same dog. He's much calmer. Thanks so much."  

K. Pham, Dog owner

My aging dog was not eating and we were afraid things would get progressively worse. After just one session, he began eating, and within two days was running around the house like his old self. Thank you so much for giving him another chance."

R. Giodano, Dog Owner

"In the 15 years I've worked in zoos, I've never seen anything like the way animals respond to this method of handling. The TTouch reduces stress and pain, alters negative behavior patterns, and speeds up healing of injuries in animals that haven't responded to other treatments."

Art Goodrich, San Diego Zookeeper  

From the NSALA Medical Team:

"Shelter animals can benefit from soothing and calming TTouch. they are in an unstable environment and can have behavioral and emotional issues. We could [use this] to help them feel more comfortable until they are adopted."  T.Romer

"Many times the animals are stresses; I think it's very helpful to be able to reduce their stress, which also promotes better health."  J.McDonald

"TTouch is very important in building a social relationship with the animals. I can see them healing better and faster.  D.Hutter

:Being in a shelter, unfamiliar environment, TTouch can bring some stress relief and calmness to their lives."  K.Lindenberg

"TTouch can be important in helping aggressive animals fee safe and more relaxed so that they can find a good home..."  K.Golden

"Any additional tool I can use to provide care, love and understanding to frightened or abused animals is a very positive addition to my ability to perform my job."  B.Bausir

From the NSALA Training Staff:
"Everything we learned here today will help in one way or another to make the dogs and cats here at the League more comfortable during their stay with us, and help teach them behaviors (like not pulling on the leash) which will help keep them in homes once we have placed them."  C.Link-Sweeting

"We can never learn enough ways to make this transition from shelter to new home less stressful...."  N.Citro

"TTouch is important because it can make the animals more comfortable." K.Sands

"I feel it [TTouch] is important to me because I can relax more and so will the animals." M.Stein

"It teaches and enhances the importance of slow movements and interactions with the animals to ease them comfortably into new environments/situations." D.Shevach

I can use the TTouch information for use with the scared and undersocialized kittens I foster until they are ready for adoption."

Linda O., Trainer

"I'm so happy and excited to have found the TTouch. I had given up on obedience because of the cruelty I saw."

W. Lohman, Professional dog handler

"The TTouch profoundly alters the mental state and body awareness of animals. I have observed that, 1) the TTouch works, 2) the effects are lasting, 3) after brief instructions, others can easily achieve results."

Tom Beckett, DVM