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The Tellington Touch Method
TTouch can help with behavior modification, rehabilitation and wellness!
Here are some TTouch FAQs to get you started:

A Guild Certified TTouch Practitioner will work with your pet and instruct you on how to effectively use the TTouch techniques, groundwork, exercises, and the TTouch bodywrap.

When making the decision to engage a TTouch professional to work with you and your pet, make sure they are experienced Guild Certified TTouch Practitioners. This means they have successfully completed the required two-year practitioner training--and are certified--by The Tellington TTouch home office. Mindful Tails employs only Guild Certified TTouch practitioners and instructors to work individually with pets and their owners, as well as to coach all TTouch training classes.


The Tellington Method of Behavior Modification training, Rehabilitation and Wellness -- TTouch -- is a holistic, gentle approach, promoting optimal performance and health without fear or force. A series of soothing and rejuvenating TTouches, body wraps, balance techniques, and groundwork, it achieves results by supporting your animal's health, improving behaviors, and allowing pets to be more relaxed, flexible, adaptable, and successful.

The Guild Certified Practitioners of Mindful Tails will teach you "how-to" achieve this same success in easy-to-learn steps while working with your pet. TTouch also helps to strengthen the bond between you and your animal, and is used by animal owners, breeders, veterinarians, animal shelters, zookeepers, Olympic teams, and universities around the world.

TTouch can meet the needs of animal guardians, caretakers, and people working with animals in the community. Our training methods are tailored to each animal's individual needs using gentle, positive reinforcements that respect your animal.


Our consultations will address the goals for each animal individually, as requested by you, the caretaker.

Private sessions are conducted in surroundings familiar to the animal, usually the client's home. The initial session lasts about 90 minutes, with follow up sessions running about an hour. A minimum of three sessions is often recommended to support your animal's progress. All consultations are available by appointment.

TTouch can help alleviate, and often eliminate, unwanted behavior patterns. We work with your pet while instructing you on how to continue the work with your pet.

Aging and senior animals will beneficially respond to rejuvenating TTouch bodywork, improve their quality of life and provide added comfort. It also is of great benefit for ill, injured, or pre- and post-operative animals, as well as helping to alleviate pain.


PERSONALIZED or INDIVIDUAL TTouch classes can be designed around your needs or the needs of your group. Presentations and demos are available to private groups, animal welfare groups, shelters, and clubs.

ORGANIZE a TTouch workshop or demo in your area and attend for a discount or even free.

Call or email for details.

Soothing and Rejuvenating TTouch...
All animals can experience a new lease on life with rejuvenating TTouch sessions. Help your animal relax, boost the immune system, enhance well being, and add new life to seniors.
It feels good, too!

TTouch and Reiki: A Perfect Combination for your Companion Animal...


Note: The Tellington Method can be used as a training method and in support of other training methods; for rehabilitation; as a wellness tool and in support of veterinary and health care. It is not, however, a substitute for good veterinary or nutritional care. TTouch does not "cure" diseases but rather enhances the body's own ability to take care of itself. We do encourage you to seek care from a qualified veterinarian in an emergency or when a serious medical condition is apparent.


TTouch enhances...
... your pet's willingess to learn

TTouch, when used for training
or rehabilitation, is a positive
experience for both you and your
animal; it helps animals to be the
best they can be.

TTouch is proven to help with these issues, and much more...
- Basic training and behavior
- Enhance ability to learn
   and cooperate
- Barking; chewing
- Jumping up; leash pulling
- Introducing a new pet
- Socialization
- Fear of vet visits
- Fear of loud noises, thunder
- Resistance to grooming or
- Enhancing quality of life
- Recovery from illness, injury,
   or surgery
- Aging, special needs
- Arthritis; spondylitis,
   hip dysplasia
- Hyperactivity; excitability
- Shock
- Giving medications or fluids
- Car sickness
- Whelping
- And much more.
TTouch is for ALL species of animals: companion pets; farm, marine and zoo animals; and those with special needs.  It is also a useful tool for shelters, rescue groups, kennels, breeders, groomerss, pet sitters and walkers.  It is also useful for therapy, show, agility and competition animals.

Contact us for additional information or to set up an appointment:
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