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Mindful Tails is your source for TTouch, Training
and other services in parts of NYC and LI.

Contact us if you have questions or comments, for additional information, for price
quotes, to arrange a workshop, presentation or demo, or to make an appointment.
For Mindful Tails Clients ONLY:
1-877-MiTails    |    mitails@mindfultails.com
Private Sessions by Appointment:
Private Consultations provide an individualized focus on the needs of your pets.
A minimum of three sessions is often recommended to support your pet's progress.
Our training can be done in the privacy of your pet's home environment.

TTouch Workshops:
Group workshops are available at several locations throughout NYC & LI. 
Private,individual workshops can be scheduled in-home for pets
or people who are unable to participate in group clinics.
Host a workshop:
Sponsor a TTouch Worskhop in your building complex, home, or club, and attend
at a discounted rate or even free. Contact us for more information about this.

Lectures, demonstrations and workshops can be organized for all venues.

Pet Product Shipping:
Pet products, portraits, arts & crafts, are shipped nationwide.


- Hours by Appointment -
Ft. Hamilton Sta. / P.O. Box 0494 - NYC, NY 11209-0494
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