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Thank you for attending our TTouch / Pet Care training classes:
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NOTE: Registration is a 2-Step Process
ALL attendees must PRE-REGISTER/PAY for workshops to reserve and confirm space, and to ensure classes will be held. Please follow the 2-STEP PROCESS below: STEP 1 is to complete the Registration Form; STEP 2 is Pre-Payment (see below to pay by credit card and for instructions.) ALL steps must be completed to confirm your attendance.
If more than one person is attending from a family/group, a payment and registration form must be completed for EACH person attending. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Complete the form below and hit the 'submit' button at end of form to send. Form must be submitted at least 10-days prior to attending the class.

Full Name of Person Attending TTouch class:
E-Mail Address:
Mailing address / phone
Facility / Location of TTouch or Pet Care class are you attending?
Date of TTouch or Pet Care class you are attending:
Are you bringing your pet(s)?
If yes, please give us your pet's name, breed, age, and brief description
What are your goals for your pet and this class? Are there any health and/or behavior issues you want to address?
Is your pet spayed or neutered?
Please note that for safety reasons, all pets must be on leash or in carriers, able to function in group settings, and must be up-to-date with vaccinations, as recommended by your veterinarian. Is your pet up to date? If no, please describe in comments section, below.
Paying Online (USE Pay Buttons Below) -or- by Check (see below)?
How did you hear about this class?
Comments or Questions?

Pay securely online with your credit card, or pay by check (checks must be received at least 10-days prior to class. Credit Card payments must be processed and approved at least 3-days prior to class.)
* CREDIT CARD payments must be processed DIRECTLY THROUGH US. Please contact us.
* By CHECK, make PAYABLE to: Mindful Tails, Inc.,
MAIL to: Mindful Tails, Inc., P.O. Box 09-0494, Brooklyn, NY 11209-0494

Use this Payment Button for:
TTouch Class - FidoFitnessClub LI 
Half-Day: TBD
$69 per person
TTouch Series at 75th & Paws



TTouch Class - MANHATTAN at Animal Haven
No classes currently scheduled
$69 Per Person

Participants are encouraged to bring their pets with them to class; it makes the experience much more meaningful.  However, if you cannot bring your pet, you can bring a stuffed toy animal on which to practice during the trainings.
Note: Facilities are not appripriate for highly reactive dogs.  If you are unsure whether your pet should attend with you, please contact us:  MiTails@MindfulTails.com

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