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Party Tails Gift Packages


Cakes, PupCakes, KitKupCakes

A variety of shapes and flavors to delight even the most discerning cats and dogs.
Pet Parties are also a great way to socialize your cat or dog with other animals and people.
When your animals are relaxed in social environments, they are happier -- you are happier!


Party Trays and Natural Treats

PartyTails trays are a fun way to give multiple pet guests a natural treat. All treats are made without additives or preservatives and are offered in a variety of flavors for cats and dogs.
Centerpiece and party favors (toys) are, of course, also included!


PartyTails Gift Packages

A party in a package! A Great Gift, too!

All packages come with favorite foods, toys, party hats, favors, and can be customized with your cat or dog's favorite items!
For your own pet or as a wonderful gift for your pet-loving friends! Get several for the upcoming holiday season!

Gift packages and PartyTails Trays can be shipped nationwide.
Packages containing natural treats or perishable foods must be shipped overnight,
and additional shipping charges apply.


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