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and Event Planning
WELCOME a new kitten or puppy!  CELEBRATE your pet's birthday or adoption day with a party!  MINDFUL TAILS will provide the goodies (cake, pup-cakes, KitKup /cakes). 

ENJOY THE PARTY!  We'll even help you plan and host your pet's party -- or even your party -- so you can spend the time with your guests. You just pick the date, invite the guests, sit back and enjoy!

PLAY DATES!  Planning play dates for your pet can be a fun way to keep them active, socialized, and provide positive new experiences. Mindful Tails can make it easy for you with treats, games and toys for this fun day.


Cakes, PupCakes, KitKupCakes and wholesome treats are some of the special items available for your pet's party event! Their friends can eat cake and treats, play games together, and have a fun-filled day!

Amanda (right) is just getting started, while Sir Monty (left) is ready for a much needed cat-nap. Both 'agreed' to pose for one more photo...!


Cakes, PupCakes, KitKupCakes and Treats in a variety of special flavors and shapes to please even the most discerning cat or dog. PartyTails Packages can be customized for your pet or as gift packages.

Contact us to discuss party plans and play dates...

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