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TTOUCH for WELLNESS, BALANCE and BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION: The Method | Books | Training Products
for Companion Animals, Horses, Humans
Tellington TTouch Method is easy to learn, and promotes positive reinforcement training without fear or force; and TTouch equipment is durable and of high quality.
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The TTouch Method of Training and Wellness for Companion Animals
Help your pet maintain health and well-being; gentle behavior modification


TTouch promotes wellness and enhances quality of life. It can help with aging issues, such as arthritis and joint stiffness; with pain management; and many other wellness issues.  TTouch is also a wonderful compliment to other modalities, such as acupunture, hydrotherapy, massage, and others.
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THUNDERSHIRT - Drug-Free Anxiety Solution


Thundershirt is a proven solution for many types of anxiety including noise, crate, travel, stranger, and separation anxieties. Over 85% of Thundershirt users are reporting significant improvement in anxiety symptoms, whether noise, separation, or any other anxiety!  This is the T-Shirt TTouch Practitioners, veterinarians, trainers, and more are using.  Only $39.95 to help your pet stay anxiety-free!

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When you purchase one of these TTouch books from Mindful Tails, we offer email assistance on TTouch-related questions.
Getting in TTouch with Your Dog
A Gentle Approach to Influencing Behavior, Health, and Performance
by Linda Tellington-Jones

This book offers a positive, no-force approach to training plus much, much more! Using a combination of specific TTouches, Leading Exercises, and the Confidence Course (exercises over obstacles), a dog's performance and health is improved, common behavior issues are solved, and physical problems are positively influenced. PB 128 pp., 226 color photos, 17 color drawings.   $16.95

Getting in TTouch with your Puppy:
A Gentle Approach to Training & Influencing Behavior
by Linda Tellington-Jones

Discover unique exercises that teach puppies to execute certain tasks, instilling them with self-confidence and expanding their abilities to concentrate and learn. You'll find out about: crate training; riding in cars; feeding and nutrition; housetraining; going for walks, leading politely, and negotiating obstacles; "Sit," "Wait," "Down," and "Come"; meeting other dogs; relaxing in strange environments; grooming, nail, and tooth care; visiting the veterinarian, and more.

In addition, there are step-by-step instructions on the famous TTouch circles, slides, and lifs; gentle bodywork that has a scientifically proven, positive effect on the behavior, willingness, and health of all animals, while also deepening the relationship between animal and human. PB  $14.95


A wonderful hand-held soft tool that follows the contour of your hand. Great for doing the TTouch, bathing or grooming to help wash out the deep down dirt, as well as give a relaxing massage for your animal. Won't strip hairs. For all animals, in large and small [hand] sizes. Cats and dogs love it! (Assorted colors)

Jelly Scrubber

DOUBLE-END Training Leash


A great training tool. 7' nylon or 6'6" leather leads, with double-ended snaps, allows for two points of contact during training sessions, or even for an afternoon stroll.
Nylon 7' Leash: $14.95
Leather 6'6" Leash: $21.95

Double-end Leash

Fully adjustable with 2 D-rings for added strength and safety. The Step-in harness is another great training tool, easy to use, and dog-friendly. This nylon harness puts no excessive pressure on your dog's neck. Just step your dog in , snap and go! Assorted colors: Black, Red, Green, Blue, Purple

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A gentle tool for helping your dog to relax while training.
Black only.

Calming Band

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