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Pet Beds, Blankets, Crate Pads, Tails-on-Sills™ Pads

PET BEDS and BLANKETS offer a soft comfortable sleeping spot for Fido and Fluffy -- whether on your bed, on the floor, in the car, or anywhere in your home. When traveling, it is a familiar scent to help Fido and Fluffy feel more at home, too! We have an assortment of stock blankets, crate pads, Tails-on-Sills™ window pads (a exclusive), in separates and packaged-sets.  Custom gift sets also available.  We offer STOCK and CUSTOM sizes and colors to complement your pet or decor.
We have an assortment of pre-made Minkes, Rose Cuddles, and Silky Shags. Lovely warm fleece. Soft cottons and like fabrics to keep pets cool.  We have many stock items in assorted colors, patterns and sizes; select the size and style you want, we will choose for you.

Please note that ordering in-stock items is based on availability.  If you have a color or pattern preference, contact us PRIOR to ordering; we will try to accommodate your request based on stock availability.  Specific requests are custom order only; see below.   

We’re happy to fill custom orders in your choice of color, pattern, and size, as available.  Additional charges apply for custom orders.  Please note: Custom orders are not returnable or refundable.  Contact us for pricing and availability PRIOR to ordering. 




Pet Blankets - stock assorted

Crate Pads - in-stock assorted

Tails-on-Sills Pads



Step-in Harness
The easy on, easy off step-in harness is dog-friendly, putting no excessive pressure on your canine companion's neck. Puts the lead in most appropriate and effective position -- between the shoulder. Just step your dog in, pull up, snap and go! Assorted colors as available.

TTouch Step-in Harness

A portion of the proceeds from all sales benefit Tavi & Friends.

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