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Remembering our Pets

Remembering our Pets...

My Paw Print
My Paw Print is an easy-to-do kit to make an imprint of the four-legged member of your family.  Whether for a new kitten or puppy, for a special holiday, or to preserve for posterity.  My Paw Print is a keepsake that will be cherished forever. A gift idea for caring friends and family, too.

One kit is all you need and contains everything necessary to make the impression, including pre-measured plaster of paris, detailed instructions, and a card to record your pet's name and the date the impression was made.  Container measures 4.5" in dia x 1.5" in ht.

My Paw Print

Have you lost your beloved pet?  Would you like to speak with a compassionate person who understands what you are feeling? 
Contact our Pet Support Counselor...

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